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In Quest Of The Bloody Dawn

Character Bios
Chapter One

In Quest of the Bloody Dawn is a story that has been a year in the making and is still being worked on. It takes place in Manhattan, New York in the year June-August of 1999; and in Port Royal, Jamacia in the year 1734.

Thanks to my mother and Keziah (SpoonmaidenOfTheShire), I had and still am receiving many ideas for names ect. However, the story is totally and completely mine and if you find any similarities between this and some other story, they are completely unintentional on my part.
Hope you enjoy reading this guys, and please email me any feedback you might have... both praise and constructive critisism will be greatly appreciated; although I do request that you keep in mind that this is a major rough draft, far from what the final will be. Right now all I'm focusing on is getting my thoughts down on the paper.
Enjoy me 'earties!
-Ashlen (a.k.a. ArrowOfGreenleaf)